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good work

good work man the only thing to improve is the voice quality could be a little better.

very nice man

very nice i enjoyed it well. i once tried to create a penguin movie myself but i cuoldn't find a way to animate the moving style i like the way you animated it. well i enjoyed it and got a nice chuckle keep up the good work.

Fallin-Again responds:

Thanks im glad you like it. I hope your animations go well in the future.


the was weird yet cool. iadded it to my favorites. try and make more stuff like this.

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Another great quiz from ice

Here you outdid yourself again! The animations you used were smooth and excellent looking. The info you add at the end is always most informative as well, i think i might have learned some things. Hope to see more keep up the great work.

IceDragon64 responds:

Thank you for your continued support! I will continue with the Quiz series- DS Oral Hygiene is due out in Jan. Follow the hyperlink in More Info to see an Alpha preview.
Best Wishes,

theres a glitch

sometimes when i touched a 2 or a 5 i would go down and sometimes i would go up.

Pretty good

it was good but i think more could be added like making meteors appear over a certain amount of time. or having stars flicker. but it was pretty good. just watch this then the space game tutorial and you'll have yourself a good o'l space game :D

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i like it

i really like this song i'd like to use this on my flash that i'm going to submit to deviantart.com just search halo havoc and you'll see it. you can e-mail me at mountaindew750@yahoo.com if you want me to take it off. but very nice song i like how it slows down the suddenly blasts off at a very quick speed.


I absolutely love this song. it was beautifly done i must say.


That was awsome. nice work on that one. creepy and disturbing.

Yumbo-Yak responds:

thanx for the review, be on the look out for a better one closer to holloween

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